October 13, 2009

Earl Grey

So over the Summer I knit Earl Grey designed and shared by the Yarn Harlot (but I can't find it on her on blog - but it can be found on Ravelry). Anyway - these were finished quite some time ago. JB tried them on and promptly swept them away into his drawer. I modified the pattern because I didn't read through it and realize that only the tiny side cables were suppose to go down the length of the foot. I knit these toe up with a gusset and heel flap and hubby likes them. But - I added a second set of cables on the back side of the socks. Last week he came downstairs wearing them. I quickly grabbed the camera and tried to get a few shots before the bottoms where filled with dog hair - be careful clicking on the photos - what you see might scare you. Anyway - he seems to like them.


  1. He's one spoiled man. I should search your blog or emails... didn't you insist you weren't knitting more socks for him? ;)

  2. OK, you know as soon as you said that I had to supersize the pics and take a look at the dog hair.

    I'm being very careful to slip my new socks into my slippers when I walk around to try to avoid hairy feet. But that won't last long.

  3. I know that with only one dog, you are dog hair covered in about 3 steps. So why should it surprise me or scare me that JB's feet are covered in hair? I have no problem with shedding. Ask Thor for verification if you'd like. He'll yawn. Those are nice socks; of course he's pleased with them.

    And I know as Chan does that you did say no more hubby socks. Can we presume that these were made prior to the pledge? Or just that a loving wife keeps spoiling her guy?

  4. i clicked fer bigger... agggh! is one of the dogs bald???? *snark*

  5. Hahaha! Loved the dog hair! In my house we never get dog hair on our socks/slippers. But that's only because... we have no dogs. Instead everything I own is covered with a fine texture of cat hair!

    Also, just plain good looking socks!

  6. Nothing would surprise me. The bottom of our socks regularly have crumbs, cat hair, and teeny legos stuck to them. lol


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