October 6, 2009


So a good blog friend is having a big blog bash to reminder herself and help everyone else remember all their blessings. So, as requested - I'll list my blessings here: First - a husband who loves me. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary this year and I think it's pretty amazing that we still love each other and enjoy spending time together. Four great dogs. I can't imagine a life without dogs. I'm blessed that no only are my dogs great - but when something happens - Abby gets hurt or Beau bloats - we are financially stable and able to fix our dogs.
Family - we have had the pleasure of raising two responsible, respectful girls to adulthood. The only thing that could make me happier is if they would reproduce already. But, maybe I could wait until they got married, but still.
We are also lucky to have Miss L. Even though she isn't ours, she might as well be. We can count on her to watch the dogs when we are out of town, she good friends with both The Musical One and The Princess and Dudley loves her best.
And finally - velveteen friends. Real life and blog friends who know me. Who know when they get something that they would know I would love and setting it aside. Since I started this blog I have met many, many wonderful people. I love getting to know them. I also like having a connection to my local friends that I don't get to see as much as I would like.
So - as often as I feel down - I am blessed.


  1. Such a sweet post!! I love that pic of you and JB at Niagara..i think my JB took that one!
    Fun trip...miss and love you guys!!

  2. Yes Grandmawannabe... Do you need to go volunteer to rock babies at your local hospital? ;)

    You are blessed, but know too that you're a blessing in many lives as well.

  3. Wonderful blesssings:). So much to be thankful for.

  4. Nice post! Love the picture of the 4 pups on the deck. They all look like they're pretending to be angels!

  5. What a nice post. You are blessed and your friendship this year has been such a wonderful gift. I almost feel as if I've known you for years. We'll get together one of these days.

  6. nice list, velveteen friend. :)

  7. Velveteen friends for sure. Love your list. I'm hoping I can get a post up tonight. It sure isn't happening right now with the two amigos up and pestering each other. LOL

  8. Loved this post, G! So glad we are connected in one way or another! Hugs to all in your HUGE family!



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