September 20, 2009

Stash Enhancement

Through Ravelry - I joined a new group ~ Sock Knitters Anonymous or "SKA." Every month there is a challenge. This month there are 3 - (1) to knit any yellow sock, (2) to knit any Wendy Knits sock pattern (there are tons of free patterns on her blog), or (3) to knit the mystery sock (designed by Nancy Bush) in yellow. Well - Can you believe I didn't have enough yellow yarn to make a pair of socks. I didn't! So - yesterday I stopped by VYT to purchase some yellow sock yarn. I bought two balls of a lovely soft yellow panda silk and still haven't decided what to cast on. I'm not knitting the mystery sock because they are 3 clues in and I don't love they way it looks.
But - VYT is getting ready to move and they are having a moving sale. So - I manged to pick up three hanks of Manos del Uruguary worsted to make colonnade from the current issue of knitty. It was on sale for right about $6 each. I wish they had more colors - but this is a really pretty raspberry pink and will be lovely.
While I was walking around waiting to check out. I found this hank of Fleece Artist Sea Wool. There is 350 meter in the one hank. It is a much darker red than photographed. I think I will make a second smaler colonnade from this - just using smaller yarn and needles. At least that's the plan for now - we'll see what really happens. Then, because the owner of VYT knows that I'm a sock knitter - she pointed out that there was a bunch of sock yarn on sale. So of course I had to take a look - even though JB is no longer handknit sock worthy - I still knit socks for him. Mostly because they are mindless and I can knit them in my sleep. He tends to like subdued socks - so I picked up these two balls of Lana Grossa Meilenweit sock. Both are self patterning - the one to the left is black, grey and red. The one on the right is in shades of brown.
All together - I spent less than 60 dollars for 8 balls of yarn. Not too shabby.


  1. The pink is really pretty. SKA, eh? They don't require you to participate in a 12 step program, do they? It would be just sad if you had to apologize for knitting socks.

  2. Awesome!! Love the pink. LOVE it. I did very little stash enhancement, actually. I regret not buying some fiber on Friday though, because while I have A LOT, I'm burning through it FAR faster than I thought I would. (Yeah - I'm spinning again.)

  3. Isn't it great when you just don't have the right color or weight yarn and have to visit the shop? Rob doesn't understand why with all the yarn I have, I still don't have what I need. I'm trying to teach him about weights, but he's not catching on very fast.

  4. Great enhancement!!! I'm jealous you found some manos for $6 a skein - nice!!! :) Can't wait to see Colonnade in the pink!

  5. Great stash! I like the pink a lot, and that last one too. :)

    Poor Chan, I'm the one that came home with all the fiber! ha ha

  6. I love the yellow! It was yellow day today at work, and sense yellow and I have had a recent love affair, I happen to have had 3 shirt choices, or capri choices, and a pair of yellow flats to boot (or to flat... lol)... Good luck deciding what to knit.. maybe you should go back to the shop and find a moving sale pattern... or Rav it.


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