August 10, 2009

Way to Procrastinate

This is what I worked on this weekend. A very dainty, delicate lace. See, when I was cleaning up and going through everything in the studio a couple of weeks ago - I ran across a hank of Tahki Red Cotton. But what to do with just one hank of cotton? Well - I can get about 3 yards of knitted lace out of the cotton. So I emailed Carolyn and asked her if she could use some red lace. She said yes and that she had just been looking at some red lace in New York. Then I started thinking about Carolyn - see she sews amazing things and adds fantastic trims that at just right. But they aren't the type of trim that I would add - the trim that shouts look at me - I'm handmade. No, Carolyn would add a more subdued trim. So then I started searching Ravelry. This is the combination I came up with - Red Pearl Cotton and tiny double pointed needles. This lace will block out about an 1.25" wide. I'm hoping to end up with about 5 yards to send her.


  1. Very pretty lace. I wanted to knit this weekend but it didn't happen. We're doing another construction project- a dog holding pen in the garage for those times they need to be confined. You know those times like when the carpets get shampooed or workmen are in the house or they rolled in something stinky.

  2. Beautiful! What a thoughtful gift.

  3. She;ll put it to great use. Carolyn looks great in red.

  4. Such teeny tiny lace! I'm sure it will be appreciated.


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