August 25, 2009

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

With kids and teachers all over blog land heading back to school it feels like Summer is over. Did you all have a good time?
Remember earlier in July when I had to move furniture around for the window replacement project?
I managed to get rid of a few old projects and finish up a few. I found 3 sets of pillowcases that have been hanging around for about 7 years. Seriously.
I started these when I worked for the sewing machine dealer. I must have got one set done for class and then put these aside. The embroidery on the cuffs were all finished, the bodies were cut - they just needed to be put together.
I love the fabric used for the body of the tan pillowcases. They have 2 little embroideries, connected with a satin stitch scallop.
The print pillowcases have purple embroidery on the white cuffs. For some reason they look really short. I haven't tried them on a pillow yet.
Finally the pink is a linen type fabric. The pink portion of the cuff has different decorative stitches in a pale pink thread. The white insert has a larger decorative stitch. The scallops on the edge were done with a heavy weight white cotton thread.
I'm glad to have these finished and have 3 potential gifts already done.


  1. Your pillowcases are nice, but I refuse to admit summer is nearly over. We've only had really hot weather for the last week or 2. We start school after labor day; I just can't do it before then. Thankfully, our school district does the same, so the kids next door are still around.

  2. Pillowcases make great gifts. They're easy to make and who doesn't need extra pillowcases?

    It does feel like summer is over even though it's still hot here. The nights are cooling down and I'm gearing up for the obedience trial in October.

  3. The pillow cases are lovely.

    I was thinking the same thing this morning, as today was the first day of school in this district. We haven't had much of a summer.

  4. Nice!

    School has been in session for us going on two weeks now. I wish I could say we'd get out early, but I doubt it.

  5. love the tan set, g! they're so elegant.
    yay you - getting projects done. now stop. you're making the rest of us look bad! :)


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