August 22, 2009

Bus Bag

Like Channon I am now in the market for the "perfect" bag. it needs to be able to hold a pair of shoes, my purse items, lunch and knitting. I think this bag may be it. It appears to be freakin' fabulous and I think it would hold everything I need for a day. It has outside pockets for my phone and an inside pouch for a water bottle. I love the hot pink, but it also comes in a fabulous mossy green or black. I definitely wouldn't want black - I think I want hot pink. I think I might find time to go see it in person next week. So - what does your perfect bag have?


  1. This is my continual quest...because my needs change dependent upon the season. For winter I need a big bag with a longer strap so that I can still swing it over my shoulder over my coat! In the spring/summer I can use a smaller strap because there's less fabric to go over but for any season, I HAVE to have alot of pockets on the inside of the bag and at least one zippered pocket on the outside.

    I am so hard on bags that I go through one a season (fall/winter & spring/summer). It doesn't matter how much or how little I pay for it, they never last longer than that because of how much junk I carry around.

    Oh and I carry so much junk because I carry ONE bag...I don't understand the women who carry a handbag and a totebag or two!!! What are they carrying their entire house with them?

  2. I love it! Gretchen votes for that very color, and I'd have to see the mossy green to rule it out. How goes the busy weekend?

  3. Hmmm....the perfect bag. Let's see. Outside pocket for phone, iPod, keys. Inside zipper pockets on both sides, with open pouches on the outside of those for pens and nail file, scissors. zipper pocket outside on the 'next to your body side' for billfold/ID and bus pass so you don't have to open your purse. Strap long enough to go over your coat. Then inside main area big enough for a book, small knitting project, a little makeup (matching cosmetic case?). I'm sure I can think of more. LOL!
    Steve bought me this one for Christmas. I
    t meets all the above criteria. I love it!

  4. Purdy! I vote for the pink! :)

  5. Well, the color is perfect and I always want a pocket on the outside like that one. It looks good to me. I hate carrying a bag and if I'm out with Rob I often don't. When I'm on my own though I do sometimes carry a bag and a tote. Why lug everything around in one bag when you don't need all of it all the time. Ouch, my poor shoulders.

  6. Love the PANK color as Chan would say...
    Check out the review I just posted on Namaste's Hermosa... that might be fitting for your needs.

  7. I vote pink. I now carry a small purse with 2 requirements: an outside pocket for cell phone (I never use it, but I have it) and a zippered side pocket for about $20 cash. When I used to go to the office daily, my purse had to fit inside my briefcase, which contained, in addition to paperwork and said purse, crayons, spare baby suit and such stuff. And it couldn't be too big, either, as I often had to tote a kiddie bag as well. The lives of bags are so complex.

  8. Oooooh! I like! I'd go for the pink, too.

    Having a good weekend?

  9. my purse changes with the seasons. In the winter, it is BIG. It has to carry a scarf, mittens, knitting and a book. You never know when you are going to be stranded somewhere in the snow!
    usually my bags need to be waterproof, just part of my PNW upbringing that has stuck with me!
    I am more of a multi-functional gal, than a cute-bag gal. I have a few cute bags, well, one cute bag, and the rest are black!


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