July 28, 2009

More Boxy Goodness?

So - more work came in the box from Ms. Camilla. This time in the form of sewing. She carries the Amy Butler pattern line in her shop and this time she was looking for a couple of cute Tunic Mini Dresses.
I don't know what lines the fabrics are from but aren't they purdy? I especially like the aqua with the brown scrolls on it.
As soon as they get done with the windows I can turn my sewing machine and iron back on. See - the electrician who built my house was stoopid. In my opinion he did not put nearly enough circuits in the house. The entire basement plus the garage and an outdoor outlet are all on the same circuit. I have been know to blow the breaker all my little lonesome when I'm sewing and watching a movie and iron cycles through. No way I want to be blowing breakers while they have all their equipment plugged in through the garage. Anyway - I'm hoping they'll finish up today - but they still have 4 windows to get in, 2 from yesterday to finish the trim work on and all the interior windows still need caulking. So, I'm guessing they'll be here tomorrow too. Why would they schedule 2 days for a job that obviously needed 5? Anyway - I can almost see a finish line and the ability to move my furniture back and hand the curtains again. I should go throw some of them into the washer - maybe, maybe not.


  1. I like those fabric patterns, and I think that dress looks cute, too! I don't usually like browns, but I like the turquoise in with them. My dearly beloved is very enthused about my "loud" dress, so a couple more of those will be appearing. It's finally above 75 here this week, so I want summer clothes! Good luck surviving the last day or 2 of window installation. I hope those fools clean up after themselves!

  2. Won't that be fun to get everything back in order and get creative again. I like the scrolling pattern tho it looks black and white on my monitor.

  3. Can't wait to see what they look like. Love the prints.

  4. You know I love the colors. Figures that when you want them to leave early so you can sew, they're working, working.

  5. My craft/office room is the same way! When the iron clicks on, the lights dim!

    Love the fabric, especially the one with scrolls, too!!! So pretty!

  6. That last print is from Amy Butler's Nigela line! I have a bag (and some fabric too) in that colorway and love it! I can't wait to see how you decide to use it!


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