June 20, 2009

something cheerful . . .

that's what the note said, something cheerful . . . . first, can I just say - who has note paper with their dogs on it? Seriously - love it Y. My friend, Purlin'Goldens sent this lovely Ty-Dy Socks. her note said it made her cheerful and she hoped it would do the same for me. She stared as a virtual friend and then I got a chance to meet her when we visited North Carolina in October 2006. Then she stalked me on ravelry and made a comment about a pair of socks she really, really liked. Since she doesn't knit socks (seriously, she sold off all her sock knitting supplies) do you think it was a blatant hint? Miss Y (Purlin'Goldens) also mentioned that she really liked these clog socks (rav link- seriously, what are you waiting for). I have messaged the knitter but have yet to hear back from her. So I think I'll just play with the slip stitch heel a bit and see if I can figure it out. I think I remember that Y wears a size 7.5 shoe. Apparently my goal to knit 12 pairs of socks from yarn I haven't paid for is actually 12 pairs for people other than me :) Thankfully, I can knit this yarn right up and have it count toward that goal, ant this pair will make that goal. To date I have knit 17 pairs of socks in 2009, 16 from yarns I either had or were gifted to me in 2009. I have only bought enough yarn to make 3 pairs of socks this year, one has been knit already. Of those 16 pairs of socks, 5 have been for me and the rest are for others. Of course JB has made out like a bandit receiving 4 pairs.


  1. my socks haven't arrived yet. ;)
    i'll be interested to hear what you think of the ty-dy yarn. i really liked it. the socks are so soft. and stripe-a-licious.

  2. G, your compliments are too kind.
    My intention was for you to knit something cheerful for yourself....to cheer you up! If knitting with the yarn makes you cheer up; OK, I'll graciously wear the new socks. If there's something you would make for yourself and think of our friendship when you wear it, (like my green scarf you made) do that, too.
    Glad the package made you smile...for a change!

    If you figure out those clog socks with the flower on the heel, I'll send you another skein of that yarn (different color) to make me a pair. (see my stash on Rav.)

  3. What pretty yarn. That would cheer anyone. I need to get note cards with my guys on it. They'd take up the whole card and there wouldn't be room to write anything.

  4. I think we ALL need note cards with our dogs on them. It would make me happy just to write.

    Enjoy your yarn. Too bad when people knit socks for you, they send you one at a time, months apart.

  5. That is too cute!! Love the notecard and hope you enjoy knitting socks!!

  6. Oh......I should've gotten a picture of Mr. Bettis and his potato fun. LOL

    Love the cheerful color. You have done a socktastic job knitting all those pairs of socks:) Keep on Knitting.


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