May 24, 2009

it's a long weekend and a girl's thoughts turn to . . . .

washing socks! Seriously. I know! I asked JB to build me a little circular dryer to hold handknit socks so they could dry. In my mind this was easy enough. You needed a large circle at the top with holes drilled into the wood for dowels to be inserted. I had asked that the dowels be long enough to hold a pair of socks, but that got lost in the translation. In the meantime, the handknit socks that needed washing were piling up. Last week, he finally built my sock dryer. So yesterday I set about washing the handknit socks. They all individually took a dunk in soak and then I took them out into the sunshine to drape over their new drying rack.
While this rack only holds 4 pair of socks, unfortunately my flat drying racks only hold four pairs as well and this takes up much less room.
I rotated the socks during the day, turning them around and over so that the air could circulate. They were all dry when I brought them in around 9:00.
In case you're wondering - the dryer held 3 pairs of JB's socks and only one pair of mine :)


  1. Nice! Now you need a double or triple decker one...and a marketing plan :0

  2. Neat!! Now you need to make it revolve like a lazy susan. Why? I don't know, it just seemed like a good idea. I think I'm tired. Good night.

  3. there's nothing better to make a girl smile than handmade socks drying in the sun. ok, so there are a few things. . .

    my first thought when you said 'sock dryer' was a salad spinner! couldn't you put the socks in there and give them a spin to get a lot of extra water out??

    looking forward to next week!

  4. Now you have the fanciest sock dryer ever! Hmmm.....JB thinking of a new profession? Put them on Etsy

  5. And you had sunshine in which to dry your socks! Hooray!

  6. wow! Nice creation there Mr. Jay... very cool new accessory.


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