February 21, 2009

Photo Meme

I was tagged and being the trouper that I am, I decided to play along.
The rules, go to your 5 folder in your Pictures directory, and then post the 5th photo.
Amazingly enough the 5 folder was labelled Christmas 2007 and the 5th photo was of Lucy.
Next it says to tag 5 people, but I won't do that.
I will be in Canada until Tuesday, so while there will be knitting there will be no sewing.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. I like how she's head to head with Beau.

  2. Awww. :-)

    I want to talk to you about sewing. Maybe you can help me figure out the basics.

  3. Hope it was a nice trip! And of course the picture was one of the pups - what else would it be? Other than, maybe, several of them!


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