February 1, 2009


Big Brown. Yes, this is the big, boring, brown cardigan that was started last summer. According to my ravelry projects page, I cast on June 30, 2008 and finished December 2, 2008. Which in fact did happen. But then I wore it to work and I didn't like the sleeves, they were too short and too flared. Then while organizing the yarns down in the studio - I found one more hank of the organic wool this is made from. Woo Hoo! So the sweater went back into the "working on" pile. Yea right. It sat for several weeks until I finally ripped the sleeves back to the start of the bell shaping. I then re-knit the sleeves, binding them off on Friday, January 30th. It still needs a good soaking and a little lie down on the guest bed, but then it will become a work horse in a wardrobe filled with cardigans - but not a single brown one! I know! (apparently, I also need to learn to stand up straight and be ready for when an impatient photographer is taking the photo. I have approximately 15 seconds to get the sweater on, find a backdrop, and attempt to look presentable. lately - I suck.)


  1. oh my goodness, that thing is ANYTHING but boring, i LOVE it!!! I want to own it!!!! SOOO cute, and i love it on you! Well done, friend!

  2. I think it looks good. And at least your background isn't all white, like ours! Brown should go well with many of your colors, too. Congrats on another finished item!

  3. Love it! And at least you have a photographer. I have to drag things to work and hope MJ takes an okay photo.

  4. You wear brown so well! It's a great color on you....and that's a compliment. Not everyone can carry it off. I like the sweater, the cuffs are great. I know you will enjoy wearing it.

    modeled photos over on my blog


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