December 21, 2008

I Might Have to Re-Knit These

The Love My Way Charade socks for Miss L are finished. However as I was grafting the heels closed I thought these feel really tight. I did knit most of them during all the worry about Abby. Most of the time knitting relaxes me and I don't knit super tight - I knit tight, but not super tight. Good thing I enjoy the process as much as the finished project. Specs: Pattern: Charade Mods: Worked toe up with afterthought heel. I also alternated the pattern so that slipped stitch moved. Yarn: Lotus Yarns Nirvana Needle: 40" US 0 magic looped Started: November 29, 2008 Finished: December 18, 2008 If they don't cut off all circulation to her toes, I'll get modeled shots of Miss L. wearing them when we get home. If they do - well anyone who cares will have to wait until they've been knit again.


  1. They look lovely! I hope they fit.

  2. the socks look gorgeous....and snuggly warm.

  3. you sneaky pre-blogger! I wonder how many posts you made for while you were going to be out at sea? hmm. Well I hope that you and Mr. J are having a blast! I'll email you soon :)


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