December 1, 2008

Quilting for Camilla

Let me just start by saying - I am not a quilter. Camilla asked for help making quilts to warm and comfort a family who lost those father last Monday. Because I believe what goes around comes around, I like to help where I can. Therefore, I agreed to make 6 quilt blocks for this effort.
The one pictured on the left is one of my favorites and I may try to recreate it once or twice more. As well as these two black and orange blocks, I made three random pink blocks. I really admire the random blocks made by Beki and Erin, I just can't do it.
Next I pulled out three coordinating prints from Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope and cut 2.5" strips. Then I sewed them together and cut them apart. I know - if I'm going to take perfectly good fabric and cut it up - I'd rather have something to wear at the end of it. Anyway, I then sewed them back together into what I believe is a rail fence quilt pattern. I had enough strips cut to sew up 16 blocks. I am also sending the remaining fabric - just in case either Cami or the quilter want to use it to finish up.
Finally, I grabbed this red and white snails trail quilt top that I made in my piecing days. I love 2 color quilts - but I know that I will never finish this and it's just taking up space in my house. I picked up my phone and called Cami asking her if she would like to have it. She agreed, so once it arrives she will have one top done -- 5 more to go. If you are interested in making a square, please see the link to Cami's post above, or contact her directly at camillaknitsATgmailDOTcom for details and mailing information.


  1. If I could quilt, I would. Looks to me like you make pretty squares, no matter how much it stresses you!

  2. They are awesome! I know what you mean about (being a sewer) but not a quilter; there are several reasons why my jacket isn't done, and will have something to wear when I am done!
    I love the fabric that looks like it has water drops on it!
    (BTW-Thanks for the book, I am finishing up another book and then starting yours. Unless one of my girls want it, I will be sending it on to someone else. Did you have very many replies after me? I could send it to them, or open it up over at Coffee Yarn....)

  3. These came out very pretty. I hate quilting, too. And my engineer's brain will absolutely not let me do random; I see patterns in everything!

  4. They're all beautiful, Gaylen!

  5. that's so wonderful that you are giving her that quilt top...sometimes it's hard to let go of stuff, and it's amazing that you're blessing that little family with it.


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