November 13, 2008

Patient Beau

Sunday evening when I finished the second version of the hat, JB called Beau over thinking it would fit him better. He set it on his head and pulled it down. Beau being the good boy that he is - just let him.
Then JB decided he should try to tuck Beau's ears in. He tolerated that too. But when JB put the hat on his nose - that's when he decided he had enough. He used his 'hands' to remove the hat. Then (and I didn't get a photo of it) he hit JB.
After that he went back to his bed, but he kept an eye on JB and that hat!
Parting Shot: For those in the know - this is the tin that Lucy got into Sunday Morning.
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  1. I'm just glad Lucy's okay, and sorry you didn't capture Beau boxing J for the indignities suffered!

  2. The big pups are so tolerant! Would JB have wanted his hat put on his own nose? I love Beau's coloration. He's such a handsome boy.

  3. I think he has a future in modeling! Seriously what a good boy! Happy Thursday!

  4. What a good hound to be so patient modeling the different ways to wear a hat.

  5. Your dogf is so beautiful. Is he a coon dog? I have always wanted a hound dog. Did you ever see The Red Fern?

  6. What a cute hat and Beau is such a sweetie-pie. He seems so gentle. ~ Robyn

  7. yes, but did the tin of breath mints actually help the dog-breath??? Inquiring minds want to know. C


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