November 11, 2008

Happy Baby

So I belong to a couple of groups on Ravelry. One of them is fairly active and there is always lots of fun things going on. There was a Swap over the summer and an upcoming holiday swap. Well one of the ladies is expecting baby number two and we are having a virtual baby shower. Several of us have made gifts and we are mailing everything to one person who lives fairly close. Not really sure of what baby items to make, I went through Baby Mama's queue to come up with something. She had the modern cabled baby bib in her queue. So I knit it up. What a quick, easy and fun knit. I added the train button. I'm planning on making a burp cloth to match (if I have enough time).
I also made a snow baby - because what little winter baby doesn't need a personal snowbaby?


  1. Cute bib! I love the train button.

    My suggestion for baby showers is always blankets. You can just never have too many blankets. More of them just means that you don't have to do laundry every day. Here's a tutorial for one with a crochet edge.

    I usually do a wide rolled edge hem on the serger. You can pop these out in no time and they're an excuse to buy more cute flannel prints!

  2. Love them both! The snow baby looks practically edible to me...

  3. Cute... but did I miss something about a holiday swap? Chan & I were thinking of waiting til AFTER the holidays to do swap #2...


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