October 3, 2008

Secret Meme

Skip this post if you’re not up for a challenge. Seriously. Because if you see your name below and leave me a comment asking why, you’ve bought your way into this secret meme. I found not only my name, but the Princess listed at Chan Knits, so I had to ask. This is a silly little meme, only giving the answers. In order to know the question you have to ask, which then buys you the ticket to play. So, here are my answers to this secret, reverse meme. 1. Chan 2. JB 3. Carolyn 4. Miss D. 5. Gnat 6. Camilla 7. Shannon 8. Bonnie 9. VeeDogKnitter 10. Leslie 11. Angie 12. Isabelle 13. Stephanie 14. Bubblesknits 15. Seriously? There is no one. 16. Debbie 17. Little Miss 18. Princess Krystle 19. Sommerset 20. Sharon There are 10 more questions, but I don't have answers and they are just silly. So, are you wondering yet why you are listed? Email me.


  1. okay, I'll bite. What gives, pretty lady? C

  2. Oooohhh, I love a mystery! Do tell.

  3. Oooo, a secret! I want to play...

  4. Good for you. The last few ARE just silly!


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