September 25, 2008

Now I Know Why People Quilt!

Remember this skirt? It's the Up Hill Climb skirt and then I showed you how I'd wear it. Well it's been sitting in my closet since I finished it. I decided that while I loved the lime top, I didn't like it with the skirt. The bright top drew too much attention to my hips - and I don't know anyone who needs that. So, I have been patiently waiting for weather cold enough to wear the skirt with a white turtleneck. Yesterday was the day. I put on nylons and a white turtleneck. Then I slipped the skirt on. It was way too big! Now, I tried it on while I was making it and it wasn't this much too big. I could pinch 2" out of both sides! UGH! Apparently all that weight training and cardio is really working. I think what I plan to do is take the extra fabric out of the center front and back. Mostly because I don't want to take out the zipper. I had to piece the fabric to get enough width for the pattern pieces so there is a seam hidden in those pleats anyway. And since there are 7 pleats across the front and back if I end up losing one - no harm no foul since there will still be balance. So you ask - why do people make quilts - they don't have to fit anyone!!!


  1. THREE CHEERS FOR GAYLEN!!!! The diet and exercise is working! I'm so happy for you!

    And this is why I love knit princess seamed dresses - no waistband to not fit.

  2. Congrats!! At least you can alter your own clothes now that you're losing inches. Yay!

  3. So... little trainer dude is not off the hook, huh? Congrats on your diminishing, um, bum. I need your inches from elbow to top of shoulder, and elbow to spine for the 'thing' I is creating just fer you. You will probably regret it... does the spotty dress fit, or will you be chained to the sewing machine altering all your cute clothes for awile? C

  4. See this is the exact reason I don't exercise! After putting all of that hard work into getting a garment to fit, I just can't ruin it by getting skinnier?! I mean REALLY! *LOL*


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