September 28, 2008

I Just Can't Get Caught Up

Last night, after running errands all day - Costco, Post Office, Fabric Store x 2 - I got some time to sit down with the lace. I was actually able to work on it with JB in the house. I got Hint 4 finished up -but I'm still maintaining my 3 hints behind status. It was after 10 pm when I finished and the shawl is getting rather large at this point, so I threw it on the back of the loveseat and took it's photo. I took another picture today - just because the light was better. This photo is a just a few rows into hint 5. I plan on sitting down with it for an hour and then heading into the studio. I'm hoping to finish the Asian Inspired dress today. I am, however, really enjoying working on the lace and once I get started it may be hard to put it down. But really - I'm setting the timer for an hour!


  1. The lace is pretty! I'm beginning to see a pattern of what might be snowflakes or flowers in it. I hope you get your dress finished; I still haven't finished my white dress, although all it lacks now is the hem - Woo hoo!

  2. The lace is beautiful, but mine stayed home. I haven't even finished the sweater, because I can't stay inside, and got caught up reading yesterday...

    The veggies in the other post look great! Our 'maters at work are about done, sadly.


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