September 15, 2008

Could I Get Any More Behind?

Yesterday I finally managed to finish Hint/Clue 2 on the Secret of the Stole Mystery. So you know how far behind I am, Hint/Clue 5 came out this past Friday.
You all know I finished the first hint on the day it was released. Well then The Princess came to visit. And then I attempted to work on the second hint with JB and all 4 dogs in the house and the tv on! Bad move. Somewhere about 20 rows into the second hint, I lost my place, made a mistake and couldn't find it! UGH! So, it got ripped.
I have finally figured out how to be a productive lace knitter with JB home (send him out to work on the deck) and have been slowly working my way toward the end of hint 2. I would continue on with hint 3, but I'm making another dress that will turn out to be completely wrong for my body type! (Will I ever learn?)


  1. So far, the mystery stole is quite pretty.

    I'm way behind, too, so don't feel alone in your lack of productivity!

  2. Ah, I'm not so sure that the dress is wrong for your body type...I will reserve judgement until I see it! :)

  3. Maybe I can get THAT far at the beach...

  4. Congratulations, your stole looks lovely so far! Sewing a dress? I have the same problem...they never fit! That is why I am sticking with costumes from now on! LOL

    Keep up the super knitting and focus, focus, focus...


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