August 6, 2008

Upcoming Attractions

I have 2 charity bears left to dress. Here they are---> Anyone have any suggestions on how to dress them? Yes they are laying down. I was thinking about making one wear pajamas - attempting to make footed pants, some sort of kimono top and possibly a nightcap. I have some light pink Cascade 220 which would work great for dressing the dark brown guy. But what about the white one? In the sewing realm, I plan on unpicking the waist seam on the Take Two Dress. This weekend is my ASG Neighborhood meeting, and if I take in a half sewn dress, I can get the girls there to adjust the back and pin it for me. Then I can wear it. I love all the help I have been getting - especially the suggestion of just putting something under the back and having the 'cowl-type' drape just be a design feature. But I'd rather get it figured out properly.
After that, I want to make full skirt out of this pretty paisley cotton. I can't decide if I want to use McCalls 5631 or Butterick 4686. I am leaning toward the Butterick as the pleats seem more structured, so I could sew them down allowing them to release where I want. And it also has the option of using either a yoke or no yoke.
There are also some patterns in the new Vogue Knitting screaming out to be knit, but I'll save that for another post.


  1. The new IK is pretty awesome too.

    Love the pjs idea for the bears. Why not put one in a granny gown and bloomers?

  2. I love that fabric! I would lean towards the Butterick too (and now maybe I am going ot have ot go to the fabric store......).

  3. I'd go for the Butterick. The McCalls will add too much fullness to the waist, I think, sad for all of us over 18, although if it's really slinky fabric, it would work, because it does have that wide waistband. Maybe if you took some of the fabric out of the top of the panels on the McCalls pattern, (made each panel a little tighter trapezoid), it would be great! Were you thinking of a contrast band at the bottom? Maybe in red, to match your new coat?

    I think maybe a bright blue color for the white bear. A little contrast to the white fur.


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