August 27, 2008

Great Yarns Bear Party

This is Fontelle, she makes the bears happen.
She coordinates getting the bears donates and distributing them for clothing. Front and center in this picture are my friends D and R, I'm not sure where M slipped off to. Apparently, even with good camera equipment, I can't take a decent photo.
This is another Great Yarns regular. She's an overachiever, like most of the bear knitters.
This year, she clothed 4 bears and boy are they cute!
Here's another pair of the regulars. They are big fun - I enjoy hanging with them at knit nights. K (on the right) made her first item ever making it up as she went along.
Too bad I didn't take a better picture of their bears - they were precious.
Here's my attempt at a group shot. It's a large group of volunteers that knits for these bears.
There is a girl who is 7 who dressed a bear as well as couple of men!
These bears are set aside for the action. There are some bears that are so well dressed that
they are set aside for the auction as they money they will raise is better spent than giving
the bears away. My 2 favorites are the bear dressed in a nightshirt, he has a stocking cap, a letter to Santa and a Christmas stocking. the one of the far right is a polar bear - he's dressed in a beautiful blue hoody, pulling a sled that has a baby bear wearing a matching sweater.
Too cute!


  1. These bears are all adorable! How nice that you have a bear party and can all see each other's work; it must make you all feel good!

  2. What a neat idea!! You have all gone above and beyond and the bears are wonderful. what a great group of people!


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