July 26, 2008

Secret of the Stole

This year is the third Secret Stole knit-a-long. I have wanted to be a joiner for since I started hearing about the first stole. I think I first heard about it through The Harlot. Anywhoo - this is a mystery lace stole designed by Nautical Knitter. This stole also has beads that added with a crochet hook as you are knitting. I have never knit with beads and the one "real" lace project I have going on - is the one project I absolutely have to concentrate on, so it's very slow going. Thanks to my friend Golden Tracks, I joined the Ravelry Group as well as the Yahoo Group and I got an email when the group started. About a week ago we got the swatch chart and the supply list. I started looking for lace weight online and ended up ordering Baruffa Cashwool from Little Knits. The first yarn into my cart was this pretty light lime-yellow as I thought it would look great with the lining for my red wool coat. I'm glad a threw another color into my cart, because now that's it here - it's not limey enough to work with my red coat, but will look fabulous on The Princess. My second color choice was creamy latte. This is going to be what my stole is knit from. I love this very pretty soft brown lace yarn. I also have beads, but haven't photographed them. The plan is to knit my swatch today while the house is quiet. It's just me and the dogs for awhile. The way this works is one a week beginning August 15th, you get a 'clue.' It's that week's knitting graph. I believe I read that this stole has 9 clues. There is a theme to the stole which will be revealed at the end, if you haven't guessed it already. We don't have any vacation plans - so I'm hoping for enough quiet Sunday mornings to keep up. If you are interested in joining this knit-a-long, often referred to as SotSiii - click on the yahoo link. You need to get "approval" to join and the sign-up are limited. Be back later with a beaded swatch.


  1. Welcome aboard the Secret of the Stole III KAL! Your color choices are great. I am looking forward to seeing your beaded swatch. 22 days and counting...

  2. Ugh. I do not have time to join another KAL, but OH HOW I want to try lace and beads...

  3. Of all the merino laceweights out there, and I've tried a lot, that Baruffa is my favorite. Enjoy!


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