July 3, 2008

Lucy Lou

She had to be in the house with me the other day - even though it was sweltering and most likely cooler outside. But she managed to get comfortable.
How could anyone not love that sweet face?


  1. Just like my Thor, in your first picture, Lucy's curled up doing her "aw, look at that cute little doggy" imitiation. In the second picture, she's just taken over! You've just got to love the furry kids!

  2. Just precious. I can't resist bending over to give kisses on the snout when they're like the second photo...

  3. She looks so cute! Please give them all a big hug from me. I have enjoyed so much being home and giving ours many hugs throughout the day - they are just so sweet.

    Duffy, our yellow lab, hates, hates, hates fireworks - the poor guy. They will be spending the next few nights in the house (they usually sleep on the screened in porch)because of the fireworks. Sadie doesn't mind them but if Duffy gets to sleep in then she does too.

  4. Lucy is adorable... LOVE that face!

  5. Lucy Lou is too cute!! Love the jowls in the first one especially!

  6. OH how I love that lucy lou!! I can't wait to see you and mr Jay and all the pups when I come home in August!


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