July 10, 2008

July 4th Visiting Dogs

On the 4th - we went up to the Boss' property. She has a little tiny house up on the Skagit River. I took both mine and JB's cameras. I only took photos of the dogs with mine - none of the beautiful view containing a river and mountains or even the fireworks. Just the dogs. Standing on the landing inside the 'dog yard' looking over the fence is Buddy. Buddy is still a puppy and he's huge already. He's part Great Dane and _____. Next up - Hank. Like me - my boss has a fondness for big dogs. Hers are just much, much bigger than mine. Hank is Rotty and ______. He's huge. He's a big square boy and so stinking cute it isn't funny. They let him out of the fence and onto the deck with us while we were doing fireworks. He kept jumping up and barking in an attempt to catch the pretties being sent into the sky.
Before they were let out - you can see both Buddy and Hank just peeking over the fence. How cute is that?
Here is a picture of Buddy standing in the door. He's about 6 months old now. He's a sweet boy - but he's gonna be big - bigger than he is now.
They have two other dogs - a 4# york named Daisy and an old black lab named TJ. TJ hates the fireworks and barks non-stop at them. So he was inside barking and hiding while the other dogs were outside enjoying human company.


  1. Danes are incredibly tall! I visited one once, and it was tall enough to walk into my 1989 Suburban. Buddy looks like a real character. Does your boss have to pad the corners of "sharp stuff" to protect Buddy's tail?

  2. Wow, he'll need lots of room when he's older, danes get BIG!! lol He's cute peepin over the fence :)
    Happy DoT to you all!!

  3. Cute pups.... love danes & rotties, so whatever their mixes are, they adorable!

  4. Too, TOO cute! I love the peeking over the fence shots...

  5. Buddy is handsome and I can't believe he's soooo big already. Hank is a pretty boy too. Wilbur is like TJ and cries and whines and wants to be in your lap when there are fireworks or thunderstorms :)


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