July 18, 2008


The Musical One ("TMO") has never had any desire to learn any of my hobbies. She doesn't sew, she has no interest and frankly I haven't sewn for her since she was in 1st grade - other than prom dresses. A couple of weeks ago my phone rang while I was at knitting night. It was TMO, she said "I think I want to learn to knit. Do you know where I can take a class?" Nope, I said. Actually, I said of course. I hooked her up with the owner of my LYS. She called and scheduled a private lesson. They are quite reasonable - it was $20 after buying needles and some more yarn (I sent her with 'good stuff') she spent less than $50 and has the materials to make 2 scarfs. I haven't paid too much attention, because I don't want her to loose interest if I'm interested. Anyway, she's a true lefty - she moving her fabric from the needle in her right hand to her left, but she's tensioning in her right hand. I think she's doing a combination of picking and throwing. But like I said - I'm not paying too much attention. At this point she only knows how to knit and will take another lesson to learn purling. The yarn I gave her was 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden. It was left over from a past project. So - are you ready for this - her first class was yesterday. This photo was taken before dinner and by the time she went home for the evening - she had a length of fabric 15 stitches wide by about 14" long! She might already be addicted because after we were done eating, she said to JB "Will you hand me my knitting?" Sometimes you just have to wait for them to decide what you are doing is cool. I'm flattered that she's finally decided that making stuff is okay. Happy Knitting everyone.


  1. Congrats!! That's really great. Looks like she's well on her way.

  2. Awesome!
    My Mom would probably tell you a similar story - she taught me when I was 7 or so... it didn't stick... wasn't cool... then about 5 Christmases ago I told her I wanted to knit... you should've seen the big 'ole bag of yarn & needles that came my way!!!

  3. You must be so proud (sniff)!

    It's great when they finally figure out that something you do is indeed not only worthwhile, but enjoyable!

    Congratulations on keeping a distance, too; that must be hard!

    Have a lovely weekend...enjoy the heat with the 4-legged kids!

  4. Congratulations! Before you know it, she'll be posting away on Ravelry and have a knitting blog. ;-)

  5. My mom knows your pain...it was not until i was over 30 until i picked up my needles!

  6. Awww, that's really sweet. So, there really is hope no matter how grown up they get to be?


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