June 5, 2008

Wearing What I Make ~ Thursday

This is what I wore to work today. The skirt is a khaki colored twill that purchased at JoAnns. The skirt is the Simplicity Carolyn skirt. I love this skirt it is full without being full. It is easy to wear and feels very feminine. The t-shirt is a Kwik-Sew pattern and was made about 4 years ago. I swear to you all - I .do.not. get dressed in my closet in the dark. But apparently I need to carry a mirror outside with me. This matched much better in the bathroom mirror this morning. And what is it with seeing photos of yourself? I swear - I'm 5'9" tall! But these photos make me look short and squatty. Is it the outfit or the camera angle?
Anyway - the cardigan was knit by me. Started in the Spring of 2006 and finished in the Spring 2008. Not because it was hard, but because I got bored and couldn't remember what I was doing. This cardigan is raglan sleeved and the fronts have a lace pattern, the sleeves and back are stockinette. I like it - but the multi-colored wool is hard to match much of the time - especially when I dress in a dark closet!
So far this week, only purchased garments have been jeans & a turtleneck for work. Of course workout clothes have all been purchased - but they don't count because I don't wear them in public.


  1. What a nice smile! Dianne will be so happy :) I think the camera angle is not representative, because in real life you look taller and slimmer. I really like the sweater, but I don't remember seeing you work on it. Then again, you usually have 5 or 6 things going at a time :)

  2. Yes, it is for sure the camera angle.
    Love the sweater!!
    Oh...I have some material to make the skirt. Do you line yours?
    AND...with the Amy Butler pattern Swing Bag, did you line with the canvas? Was thinking of trying it with fusible..what do you think? I probably will only use ONE side of it, and not use it as a true reversible, since my inside material is a little loud. That is why i think that fusible MIGHT be ok, instead of canvas. Sorry to wrack your brain at this early hour.

  3. Wow - I'm impressed. Must save you lots of $$. I haven't bought anything for myself in ages since I'm always shopping for my three growing daughters and never want to spend the money on myself. I do sew but only duvet covers, pillows, etc. I'll have to take a cue for you otherwise soon I'll be wearing the emperors new clothes!

  4. I'm impressed. I could wear socks I've made all week in the winter, but that's about it...

  5. I've enjoyed seeing what you've worn all week - they all look great! I think I've only worn one jacket that I've made this week. I love the sweater too.


  6. I have a similar skirt pattern that I love. The fullness around the knee is so feminine, isn't it? And I'm really impressed at your sweater knitting capabilities!

  7. Love the sweater!
    Love the skirt!

  8. YEA!!!! You're smiling!

    The pictures truly do not do that sweater justice - it's phenomenal "in person."

    And yes - you are much taller and much thinner in real life. You know what they say about cameras...


  9. Okay I'm jealous...not only do you sew and make wonderful work clothes but you knit your own sweaters too! But these candid shots of you laughing are just too kewl!!! I don't know what JB was saying but you should let him take pictures of you more often!!!

  10. Great pics!!! I love the outfit and especially the cardigan. Nice to SEE you! :) XOXO


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