June 11, 2008


Carolyn first introduced me to Barrie Pace. Since then I've been getting their catalog in the mail. Last night saw a 'sale' catalog delivered. These are just a few of the dresses that I am in love with. Must figure out how to make:

I just love this dress. It's available in pink and green. It's organza with cotton dots and is fully lined. Unfortunately, I really don't have anywhere to wear such a pretty party dress.

This is a Maggy London knit dress. I like the contrast band and the little bit of contract at the shoulders. The contrast should emphasis a waist, right? But what about those gathers - good with a belly or no?
When Carolyn speaks of embellishments she always says add it in 3s. Well - how's this for a third place? I love that - just above the hem. Will definitely have to do that!
Just a couple of basic shirtdresses. With my love of the shirtdress this Spring/Summer (Seattle late Winter), I am just really drawn to these two. Also thanks to Carolyn, I now have two great shirtdress patterns winging their way to me. Happy Sewing everyone - what's inspiring you?


  1. These are all so pretty! I bought each of my daughters dresses last weekend with the contrast waistband, but they had an A line skirt, not gathered, and hang so gracefully. I'm not sure about gathers with a belly (I try to avoid them), but a full skirt would look nice, too. Carolyn always knows where to snag the great patterns and fabric, doesn't she?

  2. I LOVE Barrie Pace!!! THe fabric on that first dress I saw and plan on picking it up next month if it is still at the fabric store when I go back!! My mom has been ordering from them for a VERY long time. They do have inspirational pieces.

  3. I think that you should make the pretty party dress, make yourself a Cosmo, and walk the hounds.

  4. the maggie london knit is similar to simplicity 3775. here is my version: http://mermaids.wordpress.com/2007/07/03/throw-and-go/
    i went with the twisted waist treatment instead of the scrunchy one. it rides up over the natural waist. would definitely use a very thin knit for this.

    the party dress is very pretty, but, yeah, i wouldn't have any place to wear it either.


  5. I love that Barrie Pace dress too! And the green dress with the trim...glad you are still getting the catalogs and that you're inspired!!!

  6. you should make the party dress for me... I have plenty of fun places to wear something sooooo freaking cute! lol :)

  7. I can't sew, but I do think they're all great dresses. Of course, I wear a dress like... six times a year or so...


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