March 25, 2008

Just More Illusions

that something is coming from my sewing room.
I had to do quite a lot of searching to find out when I had purchased the yarn for this sweater. The original post is here - yep - that's January 2007! That means it took me 15 months to complete this sweater. Unfortunately - it's still not wearable. It need a bath.
The sweater itself was easy enough to construct. It was knit on medium sized needles - I believe they were Us 4s, 5s, & 6s. I had most of the back done and the most of the fronts as well when we went to the Grand Canyon last year. I actually took this with me for car knitting.
The sleeves were all stockinette, knit both at the same time on a l-o-n-g circular needle. I still haven't even tried it on, but it fits Lou just fine so it should fit me. Now, if I could just get motivated to finish the brown polka dots - which have been hanging around just as long!


  1. Finish it, finish it! What yarn did you use? That is a cool sweater...where it when you come to my house! You'll need it, it's friggin cold here!

  2. Finish it!! It's just lovely. You'll be glad you did next fall for sure.

  3. I agree, finish it! It's really lovely.


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