March 12, 2008

How About a Quilt?

Once upon a time I ventured into quilting. My very first quilt was actually a duvet cover which was done in primary colors when my young family lived in England. My first husband was in the Air Force and we were stationed there - anyway - I made a pieced duvet cover for The Musical One's first 'big bed.' I can't remember when I made this top (because it's still only a pieced top) but I know it was while JB and I still lived in our first hours and most likely pre-Dudley dog - so probably about 9-10 years ago. Might be time to think about finishing it! The fabrics were all pre-picked in a block of the month package put together by a now defunct quilting store. Each month you purchased your zip lock baggies with all the fabric and instructions. With the first package you needed to purchase a set of Marti Michell templates. The blocks were fairly easy and lucky for the quilters out there - I didn't press this quilt, just laid it over my kitchen table and took the picture - otherwise you could tell where all the corners don't match! I have all the fabric for the backing - maybe it's finally time to finish it. Cami didn't you say you know someone I can send all the parts to who will finish it?


  1. Well, two more things we have in common. I have also dabbled in quilting. Made one completely by hand, several that were pieced by machine and hand quilted and one that was entirely pieced and quilted by machine.

    And, I also lived in England! How funny is that? My first husband was transferred there. We lived in Milton Keynes. Where did you live?

  2. I'll be sending you Bernadette's info as soon as I dig it up. Things are in a muddle (in the middle of taxes/sales taxes due/inventory tax... ) just "Ugh". But I want you to have a finished quilt... it just might spark a new sickness in you, though your wardrobe will have to make adjustments for all the threads and fabric-flaggles you'll be sporting. And loads of quilts don't have to have 'matchy-matchy' intersections. What's the fun in that, anyhow? *grin* Cami


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