March 16, 2008

Better Late Than Never

I have been meaning to share the pictures that JB took of the eclipse - how long ago now? He actually got out his seldom used tripod which was a birthday gift from both of the girls and took several shots from our driveway.
My favorite of all the photos he shot 'raw' an unfortunately, I don't know how to make a JPEG out of it so I can share. Frustrating.
Anyway - I do like these. Funny thing is - he doesn't like them. Ever since he switched to Cannon camera from whatever brand he was using before he hasn't been happy with the photos he takes. I think he takes remarkable shots and just keep encouraging him to do so. He's never happy!


  1. What great photos! Living in the woods, I have the darkness, but too many trees to see much of the moon too often.


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