January 1, 2008

Last Project of 2007

My last project for 2007 was Vogue 8410. I had some chocolate brown wool jersey in the cupboard from Textile Studio Patterns. I have had this fabric for a couple years now, but have been afraid to use it. However, the fear was unnecessary - it was a dream to use. I used a scrap of the same fabric as a press cloth for pressing and seaming.
The only changes I made to the pattern were as follows:
*I lengthened the bodice pieces by 1 1/2" so the seam would fall under my bust not through it!
*I cut the skirt at 27 inches from the waist rather than the full length of the pattern which would have been just above the ankle on me.
*I cut a 14 through the bodice, taping to a 16 at the waist and adding an additional 3" at the hip.
I couldn't decide which of the 4 buttons to use. I ended up with the one on farthest left.
On Saturday evening, the last thing I did was baste the back seam on the lining pieces closed. I then tried it on over a sweater to see it I could get into the dress without putting in a zipper. Yep! So I changed the construction order a little bit so all the bodice seams were enclosed.
I tried on the dress over a pink turtleneck yesterday (but didn't think to take a picture of me wearing it!). The only thing JB had to say was "it's a little low cut, isn't it?" I did point out that it is a jumper and meant to always be worn with a top of some sort.
All in all I'm very happy with this jumper. It will become a great basic in my closet making getting ready for work a breeze. The only question I have is this - lining the bodice with the same fabric made a rather bulky seam at the waist. Any ideas on what else I could use to line the bodice with that would have similar stretch?
I'm heading over to Carolyn's favorite online fabric store to see if I can find some more wool jersey in basic colors. Happy Sewing everyone ~ after this it's onto the embroidered flannel dress.


  1. The jumper is very cute. I love that wool jersey - the colour if fabulous!

  2. Gay - congratulations on finishing your first piece for 2008! The jumper is very cute and I can't wait to see what's up next!


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