January 8, 2008

JB's Holiday Sweater 2007

I finally finished up the Cobblestone Sweater for JB. This is the second year that I have attempted to knit him a sweater for Christmas or at the very latest our Anniversary (which is New Year's Eve) and haven't had it done on time! I ordered the yarn in early October. I purchased 16 balls of Knitpicks Swish in a nice boring taupey brown officially Camel Heather. I cast on in either late October or very early November. This was being strictly limited to Wednesday knit nights because he has started paying attention to what I'm knitting! It was going really well. I carried the sweater with me to all my doctors appointments in November and was even working on it the hospital. Then I lost all interest in knitting it! I working on holiday projects for the office staff (which they are all suppose to be photographing and emailing to me!).
I finally picked it back up in Mid-December - now panicking because it wasn't going to be done on time. I thought I was never going to finish the sleeves. Which didn't take as long as the yoke. I knit the entire sweater in the round - including doing both sleeves at the same time using a magic loop. I had to purchase a new Addi Turbo Lace needle to get enough length to do both sleeves at the same time. Project Stats:
Cobblestone Sweater designed by Jared Flood and published in the Fall Interweave Knits
13 balls KnitPicks Swish Superwash wool
US size 6's needles Second size with no modifications It fits him well (better than last year's sweater). Now we just have to see who wears it more - me or he?
I have picked a sweater from Never Knit You're Man a Sweater Until you Have the Ring for this year. As soon as the credit card is paid off from the holidays, I plan on ordering the yarn and getting a super jump start for the 2008 Holiday sweater!


  1. Sweater looks nice, but I like the pooches in the background! ;)

  2. That sweater turned out great! Loved your description - "boring taupey"


  3. GREAT sweater!!! I think the pooches need a matching one, no?

  4. Oh, very nice!
    And I see that as a good speed on finishing as well. Maybe it wasn't qute done by the date planned, but men's sweaters are time consuming!
    I've got one for DH that's been on the needles for just about a year now. It'll be done soon. But at 6'2", 200+lbs, there's too much stitching needed to to cover that man!

  5. Great job on the sweater, Gaylen. Such nice and even stitches. You must be a fast knitter, though. I think that would take me MONTHS to finish. ;)


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