September 29, 2007

What's a Girl To Do?

First, I think I owe Miss C an apology. I'm sorry ;} Second, I'm beginning to feel very overwhelmed. This is nobody's fault but my own, and now my plate is overflowing. Maybe I will give in a start looking for someone to help with the housework. In no particular order - here are the things that I need to get done, and soon! Stunt Stitcher Duties ::Make Layered AB Skirt ::Make Simple A-line AB Skirt ::Make AB Apron ::Make Needle Roll, design and make coordinating double pins Pay It Forward Duties ::Make gifts for 2 recipients (I already know what these are) ::Determine gift for 3rd recipient and make Knit One, Tea Two Duties (This is done!) ::Make handmade gift for the person I'm spoiling ::Go shopping for the little gifties and sweets ASG Duties ::determine what I'll be taking to the Fall Sewing Retreat. This is the first time that I have been able to attend. I've paid my money and I'm so looking forward to it. ::Make a faux-fur bear dog toy for the Annual Meeting Silent Auction (it was a request) ::Make something else (still to be determined) for the auction ::Attend a sewing workshop day to help make the Banquet favors DWOA Secret Santa Duties ::Get started collecting dog themed items for a package ::Start on something handmade for the giftee Charity Doggie Duties ::Work on fleece dog beds for OldDog Haven ::Help Miss D make hand knit sweaters in requested sizes for Old Dog Haven edited to add::the link for OldDog Haven. I have just spent several minutes reading the stories of old dogs in foster homes. I don't think I can even put a coherent sentence together about how disgusted I am by some people and the things they are capable of. Holiday Duties ::Start making the gift socks Personal Duties ::Get in to see the doctor, soon ::Get back into workout routine - lately I'm packing the weight on again and I'm disgusted with myself Now - here's the real issue. I h::a::t::e lists. While I love the fact that all those random items are now out of my head, now longer buzzing around in there - saying you need to make me, no work on me, no I wanna be first, hey let's go shopping and get this out of the way. See all that on paper makes me want to go to bed and hide under the covers. No knitting, no sewing, not a pattern in sight, sometimes even without a novel! So there you have it - I'm a freak!


  1. oh geesh....honey, i am right there with you on the list thing. i cannot bear to look at my to do list anymore because it too long. the "list" has now graduated to a notebook with a page for each category.

    good luck on getting yours done. i will settle getting my top 5 items done.


  2. Wow, I found someone with a "to do" list of obligations longer than mine! I just finished my knit tea swap pal's knitted gift so now I just have to package up the goods and get them mailed by Monday's deadline - phew!

  3. No, you're not a freak. I make lists and use a Palm, too. If I don't, I become frozen and don't do anything because there's so much, I don't know where to start.

    If you can afford to hire someone to help with the housework, it is well worth it. I recently hired someone and even though I'm paying her more per hour than I make myself, I consider it worth the peace of mind and energy left for me to do other things. Plus, it's helping her financially. At first I felt terribly guilty about having someone else do my housework, but what a relief!

  4. Oh dear. I feel your pain. A list like this is exactly why I had to cut back. The stress of the overwhelming list of things to do would crumple me, so I totally feel your pain.

    I also feel somewhat guilty that I resigned as your co-leader - but I wouldn't be able to lead on the 13th anyway - my daughter's baby shower.

    My vote is cancel the meeting - do NOT give up going to the retreat! There are other neighborhood groups that people can go to.

    You will be my hero if you accomplish even one third of what's on that list!

  5. For your NG, you could make pillowcases and donate them to the Senior Center or a nursing home. Definitely go to the retreat so that you can be inspired and relax by sewing. Housework can wait or either hire someone on a part-time basis to help out. I use to have someone come every 2 weeks and do the mopping and heavy cleaning. It was expensive but I couldn't do it because of health issues. Now, DH just does it as I can only do light housework. You may need to re-prioritize or start using the NO word when asked to do something. Just some thoughts.

  6. That sure is one long list. I wish you all the luck.

  7. one day at a time sweet Jeh-sus...
    holy COW! I need a nap after just READING your to-do list.
    Take it easy. Pour yourself a cuppa something (in one of those fabu cups) and just chill.
    Everything will look better tomrrow. :)


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