September 22, 2007

Rockin' It

Well I have been very neglectful in getting to this. Sharon nominated me way back when. And then Bonnie nominated me a couple of weeks ago. I have been neglectful in updated and posting this because I don't know who to nominate. Nominate for what, Rockin' Girl Blogger. I'm thrilled and honored.

I'm going to nominate the following blogs:

Claire. Claire is a personal friend. I find her determination to get a doctor to give a shit refreshing. She's showing woman everywhere that they can stand up and be heard!

The Princess - well because she is The Princess. I would nominate The Musical One if she blogged, but she doesn't. I miss The Princess but it's not like she's gone. She started blogging to let me know what she is up to way over on the other coast. I am so appreciative of blogging friends who have gone to "visit" her blog, leave comments and make her feel welcome.

Camilla. She has become a real friend. She approaches life with humor and grace and isn't afraid to have people laughing with her. She is incredibly brave for home-schooling and then starting up her own quilting/yarn store with (from what I understand) no help from a bank. Rock on!!

Leslie is A Friend to Knit With. Her blog is great, I love her completed projects. Her absolute delight in her children and spouse. She (along with many of the others I have nominated) makes an effort to reply to each comment I have ever posted on her blog and takes the time to answer questions. Keep any eye on her, during the school year, her Cookie of the Week is worth checking out!

Cass has a very dry sense of humor. She is a talented knitter, designing patterns and creating as she goes along. This is remarkable to me as she is also a fairly new knitter - afraid of nothing. She has a very cute UbberDog. You know me I'm a sucker for a hound.

Since I am limited to 5 and I know that the others I would like to nominate have already been nominated, I'll stop here. But let me say - given unlimited nominations - I would also include: Carolyn; Beki; Shannon; Linda; Teri; Nora; and Nicole.

Now Bonnie, will you tell me how to add the cute little button?


  1. Nice words, Miss G. Thanks for the nomination. (You were correct in the no bank loan thing, but so far the rent is getting paid, and Westminster/Rowan are not having me thrown into debtor's prison yet.) Hope you are feeling a bit better... at least not drowning in snot or trying to cough up a lung. Pattern and fabrics should be enroute Monday, but I'll call with a final "is this what you wanted?" call before heading to post them. All's well here. Eli has survived himself another day. Have a great evening. Cami

  2. Congratulations on your nomination.

  3. G:
    Janice was nice enough to tell me how to do it. I followed her instructions and it was easy-peasy. If it doesn't work for you, email me.

    go to the template part of your blog (or click where it says customize at the top bar of your blog) to the Add Page Element. Click on that and it will have a add html/java script code. (You'll need to get the html code from the html section of the post you just wrote) Copy and paste that code into the Add page element section and it should show up.

  4. damn it mom! You made me cry again! I have really been missing everyone lately! Maybe it will help when your substitute daughter (Laura) comes out to visit!

  5. Congrats and thank you for the "unlimited" - lol!

  6. you are definitely a rockin' girl blogger! congrats.

    thanks for the ranking me amongst the "unlimited." tho i haven't been doing much sewing or rockin' blogging lately. that needs to change really soon because i get cranky when i don't sew. :)



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