June 11, 2007

Can I Just Have Normal Again?

My life has been anything but normal since the last day of May. First we went on vacation in May, late nights, early mornings, lots of time spent in the car and no regular meals. Fun was had by all. Then we came home and I had about 10 days of my normal life. You see I'm really an early to bed, early to rise kinda girl. My life is a routine - boring, but a routine that I know, love and crave! In those 10 days I started working out again. I added reading back into my life - which I love and can do while on the treadmill. I was cooking dinners, packing lunches and basically just settling back into my routine. Then, we had to get the exterior of the house painted before the roof was installed. So, that meant extra stuff to do. Yard work and cleaning outside. Taping, painting, deciding on colors. Back to a little bit later nights. Friday, June 1st they delivered the roofing materials and on Saturday, June 2nd my brother arrived from Butte, Montana to put on the new roof. Saturday was mostly spent on the painting, and all the prep that involved. I got to be chauffeur, running people to pick stuff up - roofing nails, whatever - all about sending me. The men got on the roof around 1:00pm on Saturday when we ran out of paint. I was sent to get more. House got finished painting and roof finally got finished too! The roof took much longer than anticipated for a couple of reasons, first my brother's friend who was coming to help bailed at the last minutes. Second - we live in Seattle and my brother picked the only week it rained to come do the roof. and Third - there was entirely too much roofing delivered (34 bundles) which they moved around the roof several times before bringing it down and returning it. On Monday we went to the Mariners' Game. The rule in our house is if you go to a game you always stay until the end! So - late night. I didn't take vacation while my brother was here - so I had to get up in the morning and go to work. Tuesday, we were suppose to go out to dinner, but the rain stopped and the boys didn't get off the roof until after 9:00p - no dinner out, but we did BBQ - late. Late dinner, late to bed. Wednesday we made it out to dinner, but not until around 8:00. So again, late home, later to bed. Friday, my brother headed home. We were all up early to load our old TV into his truck and get him on the road. However, on Thursday we got a couple of emails from my sister-in-law that my MIL was in the hospital and according to SIL on her 'death bed.' Let me insert here that I have the best bosses ever. When I asked them on Friday about taking Monday off because we had to take an emergency trip to Canada to see my MIL, they kicked me out of the office early. Thankfully, MIL Is okay and we got up there to see her. In the process, we spent 7 hours in the car on Friday, a good portion of Saturday in the car and at the hospital and, more hospital time on Sunday. We left really late Sunday night and got home in the wee hours of the morning on Monday. Of course, I have to stay awake to make sure that JB stays awake - so super late night and a late morning. I feel like it's only about noon right now and it's almost 5:00! I just want to get back to my regularly scheduled routine! I'm going to be happy to head to bed at 10 tonight. I will make sure the alarm is set and go to sleep with every intention of getting up and getting a workout in first thing tomorrow. Right now however, I'm taking advantage of an unplanned afternoon and working on the skirt lining for the pink polka-dot dress! Happy Sewing.


  1. Whew!! What busy bees you all are. Here's hoping for a really boring and routine week to come.

  2. I, too, love my boring, but "comfortable" routine! Take's me days to recoup when I am forced out of it!


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