May 15, 2007

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I'm starting to get into the pre-vacation stress. I have a list as long as my arm of things that "should" get done before we go. Unfortunately, I'm running out of time. Even more unfortunate - is that I was sick on Monday - just a little stomach virus, but one that kept me in bed and not getting anything crossed off that list! So that was a completely wasted day and night! I hate being sick!! So today - I will take my lunch break and use it to run into Nordy to look at Spanx and if I have time stop at the doggie store for dog food and treats. The plan after that is to stop at Circuit City on my way home for a laptop bag and dual headphones so we can watch a movie on the plane. Or we might just watch "The Closer." The dogs bought me Season 1 on DVD for Mother's Day! I love those dogs :) Then when I get home I can throw some sample paint at the house before heading into the sewing room to continue working on the pink polka dot dress. The bodice is almost complete and the skirt is a snap so it might get done before we leave after all! I am doing a few things on this dress that I have never done before. The fabric is really thin, so I cut out 2 layers of all the bodice pieces. It was still pretty sheer, so I cut another layer of a thin white cotton. I am handling one layer of pink and one white cotton together as one and the lining it with the pink cotton. I'm changing the assembly order to have all the seams enclosed. I might need to stop by Hancocks to pick up some more white cotton for lining the skirt - or maybe I'll just by a slip! Purchasing a slip is highly unlikely, so it's another stop for white cotton! Finally, after JB gets done with his errands, I have to meet him at Lowes to order the shingles for our roof. My brother is coming on June 1st to put a new roof on and since JB wants a shingle with a little style - it's going to have to be ordered and delivered. Needs to be taken care of before we leave. Whew! I'm exhausted and I'm still sitting at my desk!!! :) Happy Sewing Everyone.

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  1. GAYLEN!! i bought fabric tonite for my skirt! I am excited and skeered!
    When do you leave? I thought you were gone already. Thanks for the VT info!
    How did you like the spanx?


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