May 28, 2007

One of Those Days!

I'm having a day like the Fiber Fanatic. Well not quite as bad as hers, I have enough fabric. But everything I touch all day has gone wrong! Let me start at the beginning of the weekend. Thank you all for your comments and support on my weight management issues. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went to a Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning. I was 3# over goal. I bought a couple of packages of 2 point bars and a new cookbook. I was discussing my frustration with the receptionist (who is also a leader) when an older woman came up and started telling us that we were extremely rude! That if I needed to talk to her, then I needed to make an appointment! Well I told the leader that I would stay for the meeting, but I refused to let crabbies rain on my weekend! I then headed over the JoAnns for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale. I got 4 new patterns - 2 Simplicity, and 2 McCalls (with Hancocks .99 price matching!). I also picked up a really cute piece of pique and 2 coordinating prints for another skirt. Then I headed into the office to catch up from being gone on vacation and then this coming week being a short week too! Ran a few errands to get ready for Poker Night in Bothell and then went home. The Musical One and I went through my book series that I read and keep. She helped me figure out which ones were missing. I surfed the net, played with the dogs, and did a little bit of housework. I feel asleep on the love seat around 10 waiting for poker peeps to go home! Well I was watching Veronica Mars with The Musical One and her friend. Veronica Mars strikes me as a Nancy Drew type character. I may have to borrow the Musical One's DVDs and watch the series. Anyway - Sunday JB was sick! And I mean sick, fever, body aches, cough, plugged head - you name it. I made oatmeal for breaky and then just hung out on the couch with him all day. I did manage to finish the back of the pink and brown shell for the twin-set. I also got the sleeves for the lattice and lace cardigan. So, end of Sunday - not a bad day - lots of knitting, no sewing. Monday morning, got up with the dogs. While waiting for JB to get up - I work on a square for Hokie Healing - get all the way to row 38 in the pattern and drop a stitch, can't find the stitch, rip it out! JB got up, still feeling sickly. I go to make breakfast - I really wanted hashbrowns and eggs. Get frying pans out, grab ingredients, only 1 egg! DARN! Okay - plan B - I do not want oatmeal again. So, I make pancakes and cantaloupe. He tells the dogs we'll take them for a walk. Bad move, he's still dealing with a flu, but he got the dogs excited and I can't walk them by myself. So we walk the dogs - really short route, climbed a couple of big hills (it sure doesn't take long to lose any fitness progress that had been made) I was wheezing at the top of each hill. JB, however, was sweating to death - so we headed back home. I cast on for the hokie healing square again - made it to the same point when I lost the pattern, dropped a stitch and ripped it out again! So, I headed downstairs to work on the pink polka dot dress. The top is done - I did manage to do some hand stitching on it yesterday. So, now I just need to put the skirt together. Serger isn't working right. Had to rethread 3 times! Didn't clearly mark the top of the godets, so I now get to rip out all the panels and pin the godets in, so I can start over! I should have spent the day like Sharon! On the Weight Management front: I did not have cream in my coffee today. I did eat fruit with my breakfast and lightened up on the peanut butter and syrup (sugar free!). We walked the dogs, albeit slowly, I have been drinking my water and I actually plugged in a weight lifting video and did it!

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  1. Gaylen, Sunday was one of those days for me, too! Awful in many ways. There's always next weekend, right? And some weekdays can be pretty awesome too :)

    I just read your post about your weight issues and everyone's great comments as well. You are definitely not alone. Many of us are struggling or have struggled with poor body images. Sharing them in the open is a great step towards a better success (but you have achieved a lot already!). Your blogging friends are right, motivation is key and you have to find the one that works for you. Motivation will work so much better than guilt, because it is a constructive, forward-looking outlook! But of course you know that already! :)

    For me, the best motivation has been the clothes I make - I want to keep fit so I can keep wearing for a long time the clothes I have made lovingly, and sometimes painstakingly.


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