May 22, 2007

How Is It . . .

that The Princess (my youngest daughter) is so much more responsible than The Musical One (my oldest one)? So, The Musical One lives at home and basically does nothing around the house. She has a full time job that she is good at, they know they can count on her if they need filling in at another store, whatever. But at home - forgetaboutit. So, since the kids have been 'adults' when JB and I go on our 'reconnect' vacations, I leave The Princess in charge. I know the dogs will be taken care of, there will be no wild parties and the house will be standing when we return. This irritates The Musical One to no end. So, this time The Musical One was in charge because she still lives at home. Well, she didn't leave the door open to the dog yard overnight (like she was specifically instructed to do), she didn't lock the baby gate into the wall - so Abby broke out every night and Beau & Dudley followed her. Lucy stayed behind and ate the baby gate. There are new puddles on the downstairs floor (remember this is where I sew - YUCK!) I think Lucy may have eaten the downstairs phone, because now there is a new one downstairs and she ate my cute little chair pincushion - the one I just bought myself for Mother's Day! I don't understand. Oh, and today I pulled out the downstairs vacuum to clean up after the dogs and the fan is broken (you can tell by the sound it makes). Anyway - I know it wasn't broken before we left because I vacuumed downstairs on Wednesday before work. So, now she can either pay to have the vacuum fixed or buy me a new one! Thankfully, right now she's still at work because I'm still plenty mad! I know for one thing I'm raising her rent (a lot!). She currently pays $200 per month and starting in July it's going up to $600! She is responsible for vacuuming at least 2 times per week with 3 being ideal. Well from now on - it's 3 times per week and if I can see dog hair bunnies on the same day she vacuumes and the dogs haven't been in yet. Well she'll be pulling the vacuum back out and doing it again. I am so frustrated. I'm glad that she can be a responsible, respectful adult member of society, but is it too much to ask for the same level of responsibilty and respectfulness at home? I'll be back tomorrow with photos from Arizona. I didn't take alot and I hope the ones I did take came out well.


  1. You're home already? I thought you were going for a week or so...Sorry you came home to chaos. I know how awful that feels - believe me.

  2. (Feels good to finally blog and comment.)

    Hope you're feeling better. And I'm really sorry about that little chair pincushion.


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