April 1, 2007

You Lead ~ I Follow

Everyone in blogland is doing it - it started with Erica , then I saw that Claire had done it, well I just had to do it too!
Apparently, I'm a Shape A - hips larger than shoulders. HMM - I always thought they were about the same size. I really, really thought I was more an "H" Shape - by their definitions. But, they probably are right.
However, there are some things that "they" say would flatter my figure that I would just never wear - take this long, tunic-ish style top belted. Come on! Isn't that just going to emphasize the fact that my hips are big and my thighs are full?
I do really like their choice of dress pants. I rarely wear dress pants because I can't find any that fit and look flattering. But some of these would possibly work.
Okay - now I'm off to see who else in the blogosphere is being a follower and then cut out a dress. I got the white lining assembled yesterday and ready for some great trim to be added. It's now upstairs with my tv watching projects. I've done all the Cinderellas (chores) that I'm going to do today until it's time to cook dinner - so the afternoon is mine to play with fabric. Happy Sewing Everyone.

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