March 19, 2007

Best Intentions!

Well I had every intention of finishing my pink dress yesterday. However - JB had other ideas. First, we took the dogs to a new park. It was kind of a dud, but they did figure out how to army crawl under the split rail fence to get to the creek! They love playing in the water - doesn't matter to them how cold it is outside. Then I ran errands, including grocery shopping! UGH! Got home, put groceries away and headed downstairs to the sewing space. Only to be yelled at by JB that he might need my help. He was going to take some dead trees down and I might need to drive the truck. That was at 4 p.m. at 7:45 I finally got back into the house - tired, sore, and cold and we managed to take down 5 dead trees. Of course another section of our fence and one section of arbor got damaged in the process. Neighbors were coming out of the woodwork to watch - fun was had by all *but me!! Hope everyone else had a productive sewing weekend.


  1. Oh no, too bad your sewing time got hijacked. The dress will be FAB when done. (Hee Hee, I know - I saw the sneak preview!) Hope you are having a great Monday.


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