August 30, 2006

Since we last spoke . . .

I've had several thoughts and ideas floating around in my brain. I'm hoping someone out there knows the answers - and will post them through comments :) First ~ is it still taboo to wear white after Labor Day? I don't want to break any cardinal fashion rules, but I still really want a white skirt. Second ~ it dawned on me after my last little sewing session with the white skirt, the one where I inserted the zipper then tried on the unlined skirt without the waistband attached, only to find that even though the muslin fit - the eyelett does not! I was seriously depressed about it. Now, I know the following will be a shock to most of you, but apparently my hip curve does not match the hip curve of the Simplicity pattern I'm using. I do know that the hip curve on my KS pattern fits. So I started thinking, why not overlay the two patterns to get a hip curve that actually matches me and the flare that I want. So, in my mind I have to tape the two pieces that make the front and back together and then place them over/under (whatever) the other pattern, trace the KS to the hip, then follow the other pieces to the bottom. Right? Please somebody, is this right? Third ~ This is completely about weight management and self-talk. I'm totally in a rut, consequently, I'm about 12# heavier now than I want to be. You wouldn't think 12# would make that much difference, but let me tell you - it does. So, I need to get back to my routine. I'm sure if I say it enough times, it will happen :) My sewing machine went to the spa while I went to Disneyland. Hopefully we both had fun :) Thanks for the help sewing community.


  1. I meant to reply earlier and didn't get around to it; you may have solved this already....

    I think your idea for morphing the patterns together sounds reasonable; I've done similar stuff only I just pin the patterns to the fabric as needed (no sense gumming them up w/tape if it's not necessary). Just make sure the grainlines are parallel or you'll change the way the flare hangs.

    White after Labor Day? I don't even pull out the fall clothes until mid-October, but I'm in The South. Up in the Great Northwest, white may look a little more out of place than it does here. ;)

  2. When I lived in Florida, we didn't know it was winter until January. There are clothes for winter that are in white, like wook and such. They call it winter white, more of off white white. I have a pair of winter white wool pants that I wear. They look great with numerous color jackets and blouses. I don't wear white shoes though after labor day.

    Hope this helps.


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