August 17, 2006

Nothing but the Dogs!

This is a rather scary picture of Miss Lucy. I promise she isn't threatening or mean or anything - not that anyone would believe that by looking at this picture. Truly if she met you, after jumping like Tigger to try and kiss you and smell your face, then she'd just sit down nicely - on your feet, lean into you and wait for you to start petting her head. If you didn't start soon enough, she might nudge your hand with her head. She turned 3 last Friday, August 11th. She is love who was added to our home as an afterthought - we went to get her brother Beauregard, and she came home with us.

This is the promised picture of Miss Abigail and her human sister, The Princess. The Princess is moving out today. While I know it's totally age appropriate (she's 20) I'm incredibly sad :( There will be no more photo ops of the two princess both laying belly up on the floor. As you can see - Abby got her way and The Princess is actually rubbing her belly while they are both laying there.

Happy sewing everyone :)


  1. Thanks for the dog pics, and so sorry about you losing the princess.

  2. LOVE the pics!! Need one of birthday boy Dudley, though!
    So sorry you are sad that daughter is moving out. :o(
    That Lucy...she is a charmer!


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