June 13, 2006

Dog Walking Story

Well in answer to yesterday's question, I had multiple comments (2 - yea!) people who aren't my family are reading my blog - makes a girl feel good. Anyway - I guess the answer is that I am NOT the only one who feels a little disappointed when there aren't daily updates. Life has been super busy at work, and at home. So, I have precious little to share. Add to that the fact that the computer is slower than molasses and the pictures are still stuck in the camera and you have nothing of value to contribute. That would be Beau kissing the Princess in the new kitchen. So, I thought I'd charm you with a little story of just how silly my bloodhounds can be. Got home last night and the weather was nice, very humid, but not raining and not too hot. So, JB gets the hounds - all of them - excited about taking a walk. Silly man. We can't walk 4 dogs at once - they go different speeds :) Anyway - we put necklaces (their pinch collars) on Beau & Lucy, fasten leashes on and head out the door. Our street has ditches. Well the house at the top of our street doesn't maitain their property at all. It's a rental and they don't care. Their yard has a substantial slope and the grass in the ditch is as tall as the grass on the lawn. So, Beau walks in the ditch for a few feet, then climbs into their yard, lifts his leg on a tree branch that fell last Winter and starts to come back to the street. He misjudges the ditch when he jumps and literally face planted into the side of the ditch! Poor boy - it was funny. But funnier still was the look on his face. He was so embarassed that we saw him fall! We no sooner got home and got all the dogs in the house when the heavens opened up last night and it started raining. So, the short dogs got no walking done. They always get the short end of the stick. I'll leave you with a picture of Lucy, she's 'shaking' with the Princess and wondering why she isn't getting a cookie for it.

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