April 8, 2006

Tonight My Husband

is hosting his monthly poker group. I got the privilege of making a green felt fitted sheet to cover the dining room table. So some sewing was accomplished. This is a group of friends that I don't particularly care for. But I tolerate them. Poker hasn't happened at our house since last September because we have been living in a construction zone - while remodeling our kitchen. So tonight, I got to hear from each person who arrived, how they would have done it differently. I'm so glad they like my improvements! You can't imagine how much it means to me to know that these friends approve of my paint color choices! Okay - enough snideness. We had a fabulous presentation on seam techniques at the ASG meeting today. ER did a great presentation which included step-by-step samples, actual garments she had made using various techniques presented as well as a 24 page handout. Fabulous! I have been studying the handout. There are great things in there. I can't wait to try a few. The group consensus on the altered OOP McCalls pattern is that I should have used the fusible bias on the neckline, even though it was faced. The opinion on the Chardonnay Skirt was varied. Half the group thought I should add some heavy topstitching on the drape and gently guide where the drape was draping. Go ahead and hem it, but much shorter, approximately mid-calf. Currently it is tea length. (Man, I have to learn to take photos of myself!). The other half said to recycle fabric into something else. Which may ultimately be what I end up doing. When I finished it Wednesday night except for the hem, I showed JB and he asked why I was wearing a potato sack. I attributed that to the color and weave of the fabric. Oh well - I'm going to hang it up in the sewing room for awhile and just live with it hanging around. My gut reaction is that I really like the pattern, but it was a bad fabric match and to recycle the fabric into a lined straight skirt. So, that's what most likely will happen. Okay -heading back to the other side of the room and the tan tencel strudel skirt. Need to rethread the serger before progressing any further on that project.

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