April 3, 2006

This is what my weekend looked like

A little town near where we live has a birthday party and parade every year. The town is Woodinville, Washington and the parade features Basset Hounds - and lots of them. Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of the front of the parade, but photos of several beautifully dressed dogs. This guy was being forced to do a trick to get a tiny little treat being held in a hand just out of view of the camera.

This guy was having a rooting tooting good time:

This poor guy was just trying to stay dry. Beacause in Washington what's a parade without a little rain?

Finally, for those who were wondering - here's what my crew looks like. From the left, Abigail Jane, basset - 6YO; Beauregard James, bloodhound - 2YO; Dudley, basset - 7YO; Lucy Lou, bloodhound - 2YO, our friend Madeline, basset - 2YO:

And here's the Beau Man playing moose!

Next year we'll try to get photos from the front of the parade :)


  1. Oh how funny! Almost as good as a weiner race! Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. Thanks for that, it's great to see a slightly different persepective on the topic.
    BTW have you seen my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? He's really a great pup.
    Have a great day


  3. In the day and age where people are so secretive I really appreciate you sharing your true thoughts.

    Sean Cody


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