April 27, 2006

No Sewing

I don't know that I've got anything exciting to tell. I haven't been sewing. I did manage to unpick the heavily topstitched and edgestitches (read - triple straight stitch with heavy cotton thread) seams on the denim skirt. Since that time I haven't had a chance to press the seams or re-sew them. Maybe tonight. My new furniture was delivered. I love the look of all the pieces, but the room feels crowded. That could just be because we've never had furniture in that room since we bought the house and it could just be because the scale is the tiniest bit off. I promise to learn to work the digital camera. Last weekend I attended the Neighborhood Group Leaders Meeting of my local ASG Chapter. Because, well I happen to be a group leader. Anyway there were some great ideas for meeting topics. Lots of information shared, productive morning. After the meeting I headed over the JoAnns to see if the maybe, just maybe, they had some decent cotton knits for the ASG National charity sewing project. I was able to pick up 4 yards of white stretch terry with a 40% off coupon, a really cute blue jersey with cars, planes and trains outlined in black and a pink ribbed knit. I then headed over the Hancocks where McCalls patterns were 99 cents. Of course I had to look around. There I picked up 2 yards each of a pink and a blue cotton interlock. These knits will be made into the gowns, t-shirts and diaper covers and dresses from this pattern:

Does anyone have opinions on what sizes are most beneficial? The layette items will be donated to the women's shelters in the Washington DC area. And are the bunting type gowns still being used?

Hope to have actual sewing content with photos to post soon :) In the meantime I'll leave you with a very funny picture of Abigail trying to get anyone to rub her tummy. She's laying on my new kitchen floor. Isn't it pretty?


  1. Both the floor AND Ms Abigail are so pretty!!
    Love that picture, and those ears! just want to eat them up!!

  2. Thank you - I think she's pretty cute too! Even when she is doing the evil fox dog pose!! g

  3. I will have to send you a pic of Henry doing the "Angel" face...that is angel as in Angel the Vampire!! Goes along with one of the monthly challenges i am putting together for DWOA...hint hint...get some pics of your dogs!!

  4. I didn't realize that was you! Jess you should have signed your message :)

  5. ohhhhhh, did not realize that my name didn't show up!!
    learn something new every day!!
    Is that looking at it in a glass half full way? ;o)

  6. Bunting gowns are still being used - juts not quite as much because they don't cooperate with the fasteners on modern carseats and strollers. If making any of these, always make the smallest size for newborns - the baby patterns in Butterick and Vogue specifically tend to run quite large!


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